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Tektronix introduces a full range of OTT monitoring solutions across content access points

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How to ensure the availability and quality of instant and archival content will be a key challenge for video content distributors with variable bit rate (ABR) and network delivery (OTT) delivery models. Tektronix is the industry leader in video test and monitoring solutions, today introduced a full range of on-demand video (VOD) and instant OTT monitoring solutions, a leading video test, monitoring and diagnostic solution innovator, Industry and other video content distributors use cloud, virtual or physical networking to ensure high quality content.

At the IBC 2017 (booth 10 D14), Tektronix will demonstrate a new generation of scalable OTT monitoring solutions. Therefore, the broadcaster can start from any size level, as needed, whether it is a key point in the video workflow or as part of a broader and more comprehensive monitoring process.

From access point to content delivery

With the emergence of key technologies such as new business models and cloud-based workflows, the broadcasting industry is undergoing major changes. As a result, the monitoring solution must be adequately tuned to accommodate future service content. The Sentry platform-based Tektronix OTT instant content monitoring solution provides monitoring and diagnostic capabilities anywhere in the modern media workflow, whether it is a cloud access point or a content delivery network (CDN). Sentry provides true video quality (QoE) and image quality analysis on the encrypted network with new support for Microsoft PlayReady Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Developers can use software, cloud, virtual private networks and data centers and other options, the software solution deployed in the need.

For archival analysis, Tektronix's Aurora archival QC solution has similar flexibility and scalability. With Aurora, broadcasters can easily verify the correct coding of all ABR applications and ensure that their packets are error-free and perfectly calibrated to provide a flawless viewing experience. Broadcasters can also use Aurora's perceived video quality test to show any coding issues and calibration features to ensure that viewers are transitioning smoothly between different formats.

"As there are so many fundamental changes in technology and workflow, broadcasters need scalable, future-proof and highly flexible monitoring solutions to accommodate the cloud-based OTT video transmission model," said Charlie Dunn, general manager of the Tektronix video product line. To ensure quality and compliance.For archives and instant OTT, our scalable solution helps customers verify the quality of the image by viewing the content viewed by the viewer at any size, regardless of size, and using QoE and video quality measurements "

Introducing TekMOS

Traditionally, complete reference techniques have been used to perform image quality measurements and ratings, including comparing test images to reference images. The challenge of this method is that the plateau or reference image may not always be available (if any). In response to this challenge, Tektronix has developed a new TekMOS technology into Tektronix monitoring solutions, including Sentry and Aurora, and will be shown on IBC for the first time.

TekMOS provides a new fully automated single-ended average score evaluation system for image quality. TekMOS is a single-ended analytics solution that uses machine learning techniques to evaluate image quality and identifies distorted images based on a large number of subjective graded images. Score-based methods no longer need to invest in human resources to monitor image quality, not only save the time and money of the broadcaster, but also significantly improve the audience experience.

In contrast to the implied image quality measurement method, TekMOS provides true and objective measurement of image quality, so the broadcaster can compare the image quality through its broadcast chain. With readily available TekMOS, broadcasters can ensure that image quality is consistent throughout the workflow and can quickly identify and correct any problems based on the operational score it provides.


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