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China Telecom:Existing4guser Use5gno Business Card Change

Auth: Date:2020/5/20 Source:经济日报 Visit:666 Related Key Words: China Telecom 4G用户 5G业务

According to the economic daily, China telecom responded today to the news that "users of 5G network may need to change their SIM CARDS" by saying that existing 4G users of China telecom do not need to change their CARDS, and they can use 5G services in the areas covered by 5G signals as long as they change to 5G phones. China telecom 5G SA security-enhanced SIM card is mainly aimed at industry application scenarios with higher security enhancement requirements, such as intelligent manufacturing, Internet of vehicles, telemedicine, smart city and other fields.微信图片_20200103103436.png

China telecom previously released 5 g SA security enhancements SIM card, the white paper, white paper puts forward the basic functional requirements, architecture, requirements, technical requirements, in detail elaborated the new 5 g mobility management, user privacy protection and safe authentication, GBA authentication, access control, 5 g 5 g USAT events such as function and the corresponding application scenario.

At the same time, the white paper also pointed out that at the current stage, users can access 5G network through 4G CARDS. Existing 4G CARDS lack new functions defined in 5G standards and new card files and services. User identity data is transmitted in clear text in the communication process, and location information is not accurate enough to meet the information and security requirements of 5G network. With the in-depth expansion of the application of 5G industry, users cannot well cope with the requirements of various business development and cannot enjoy the new experience and business services brought by 5G network.

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