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Full Production“Caveat”!Cisthe Upstream And Downstream Prices Of The Industrial Chain Have Increased By As Much As20%-40%

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/11/28 Source:network Visit:284 Related Key Words: CIS Industry chain Price increase

Recent,Because of the dispute between Japan and South Korea and mobile phones、There are two main reasons for the large-scale outbreak of mobile phone market demand,Tightening global wafer capacity。This phenomenon is reflected in the chip market,Many types of chips are in short supply during the same period。

  inCMOSImage Sensor(CIS)market,To2M/5M/VGALow pixelCISSeverely out of stock,At the same time, the production capacity of medium and high pixels is becoming more and more tight.。In this context,CISThe sharp rise in chip prices has further aroused discussion and concern in the industry;among them,With the largest gap5MLow pixel products and below are particularly obvious。


  Currently5MProducts with the following pixels are used more in some low-end smartphones,Application in non-mobile phone market also grows year by year,therefore, Including non-mobile phones at this stageCISChips also face shortages。

  Two price increases this year

  Actually,CISChip out-of-stock phenomenon has already appeared。We learned that,Year to date,As upstream wafer capacity becomes tighter,CISThe chip supply gap has further increased;5MAnd belowCISChips have seen two large-scale price increases in the market,The manufacturers of these products are basically distributed in mainland China。

  among them,Geke Micro Products Ships Largest,therefore,The company also has the largest supply gap this year。According to the author's understanding,Gekewei's monthly shipments before it is out of stock are100KK~110KKabout。among them,VGAProduct shipments as a percentage of total shipments20%,2MOf total shipments45%,5MShipments accounted for approximately25%,The total shipments of the three types of products accounted for nearly their total shipments.90%。

  Ultra-high shipments of these three types of products,No doubt makes Gekewei's stockout situation more obvious。To ease this pressure,Gekewei had to announce two price increases to foreign officials in the short term,The overall increase has been close so far40%。

  Gathering the micronet,Before the price increase,Gekewei5MThe product is0.5~0.6USD,2MThe average price per unit is about0.3Around $;Estimated based on the magnitude of its two price adjustments,The company5MThe price of the product has soared to0.7Around $,and2MAbout products0.43USD up and down。

  In addition,As the supply and demand imbalance in the market worsens,And friend prices continue to rise,Spike、BYD and many moreCISChip makers also have price adjustments this year。

  Helpless is that even if the price of the product rises sharply,CISChip makers ’shipping pressure has not eased。Industry sources said to the author:“Although the price is rising now,But the capacity of upstream materials has not been eased,Delivery is still difficult,Customers are still in the reminder period every day。”

  Prices of upstream and downstream manufacturers rose

  As mentioned before,CISChips out of stock due to wafer capacity issues,So obvious,Shortage of production capacity also causes upstream wafer makers to start raising prices。but,It also failed to improve the current tight production situation.,Therefore,We also see many domestic and foreignFabFactories have launched plans to expand capacity。

  at the same time,The price increase also includesCISDownstream chip packaging and testing,Even so,Several domesticCISThe production capacity of packaging and testing manufacturers is almost reaching full production.。Like the upstream manufacturers, there is a shortage of supply,Crystal Technology、Huatian Technology、The three majors represented by Changdian TechnologyCISPackaging and testing vendors then benefit。In the second half of this year,The performance of the three companies has improved significantly。

  among them,Jingfang Technology's main packaged product is image sensing、Fingerprint locks and other product areas,Related Products80%The above applications are in the field of electronic products represented by smart phones,Image sensing、The proportion of the packaging revenue of fingerprint lock products to the company's operating revenue is94.6%。

  Before the tide of price increases this year,Jingfang Technology2018The main business gross profit margin for the year is2017Year36.81%decrease to27.85%,The main reason is due to the decline in the unit price of the product。among them8Package price of image sensor chip and fingerprint recognition chip for mobile phone have dropped from the beginning of the year26%、18%,Reduced average unit price11.71%,Causing its current revenue to decrease from the same period last year6255Ten thousand yuan。

  However, the market direction is changing rapidly,According to industry sources,at the momentCISThe rising trend of chip upstream and downstream manufacturers' prices is also accompanied byCISThe pace of chip price increases,The range is as high as20~40%。The packaging unit price has greatly increased,It is also expected that the performance of Jingfang Technology will be improved by the end of the year。

  With the configuration of multiple cameras nowadays more and more used in smart terminal products,Market demand mainly for mobile phones has further expanded,CISThe phenomenon of rising stock prices in the industrial chain may continue。In addition, the phenomenon of stockpiling and speculation in the market appears simultaneously.,May not be relieved in a short time。


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