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Withdraw From The Semiconductor Market,Panasonic's Loss-Making Chip Business Will Resell Nuvoton

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/11/29 Source:The Nikkei Visit:63 Related Key Words: semiconductor Matsushita Loss chip

  According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun,Japan's Matsushita Electric Co. to sell its loss-making semiconductor business to Nuvoton。


  Besides,Panasonic will also divest with Israel's Tower Semiconductor(TowerJazz)Contribute51%Joint venture“High Tower Panasonic Semiconductor”In Japan3Factories producing semiconductor products such as image sensors。

  Matsushita1952Established a joint venture with Philips of the Netherlands,Enter the semiconductor business,Products are supplied to home appliances made by Panasonic, etc.。1990Around the year,Panasonic Semiconductor business ranks among the top ten in the world in terms of sales。But with South Korea、The rise of the semiconductor industry in Taiwan, China,Panasonic gradually lost its original position。Panasonic's semiconductor business continues to lose money,Always striving to rebuild。

  In this year4month,Panasonic announced that it will sell some semiconductor businesses to peer Roma。

  Panasonic has been focusing on the popularity of next-generation cars recently,Strengthening in-vehicle business such as semiconductors for battery management of electric vehicles。It is reported that,Due to the complex international form、Impact of sluggish demand,Panasonic's semiconductor business struggles to achieve profitability,So decided to sell。

  Nuvoton's two main business pillars are for controlling electronic products.MCU(Micro control unit)And other independent products and OEM orders from other companies。The company positions its automotive and industrial-oriented business as a key development area for the future。

  Nikkei points out,Withdrawing from Panasonic,Restructuring of Japan's semiconductor business comes to an end。

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