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Signal Problem Is Expected To Be Resolved?Apple2020may Or Will Switch To Qualcomm Baseband

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/11/28 Source:Foreign media Visit:23 Related Key Words: Signal problems 苹果 Qualcomm baseband

      According to foreign media reports,2020New yeariPhoneWill switch to Qualcomm baseband,Completely cancel current Intel baseband。


  It is reported that,Due to disputes with Qualcomm,Apple fromiPhone 7 began phasing in Intel's Baseband chip to replace qualcomm's,And because Intel's products are indeed weaker than Qualcomm,iPhoneSignal problems are starting to appear。

  With the reconciliation between Apple and Qualcomm,Foreign media forecast,2020YeariPhoneProducts will be fully equipped with Qualcomm's latestX55 5G baseband,Significant improvement in signal problems due to baseband。

  Except baseband,Radio frequency antenna also affects mobile phone signals Important factors of receiving ability。According to previous news,2020New yeariPhoneThe antenna will be upgraded toLCPSoft board。The number of upgraded antennas will be greatly increased,And the requirements on headroom will be reduced.。Apple will be newiPhonePowered by threeLCP,And support millimeter wave high frequency band,Internet speed will also be significantly improved。

  It is understood,Apple has been working to solve the signal problem thoroughly,on the one hand,Apple bows to Qualcomm,Pay Qualcomm up to47$ 100 million settlement,Comprehensive termination of multiple patent lawsuits worldwide,The two sides resume cooperation。on the other hand,Apple Corps sneaks into Chen Cang,Actively deploy your own baseband chips and related products,Trying to get rid of Qualcomm and Intel dependencies。but,May be the technical threshold of baseband products is relatively high,Apple has not made much of a breakthrough。

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