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Joint Development Branch adds another strong rival, Samsung Exynos 7 series will seize the Indian Market

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On January 22, Samsung officially launched the new Exynos 7 processor series——Exynos 7904 specializes in emerging market demand. Samsung's goal is very clear, the first stop is located in India's mid-end mobile phone market, tailored for Indian users.

It is understood that Samsung Exynos 7904 is based on its own 14-nm process. It uses two A73 cores and six A53 cores with eight core designs to support three-carrier aggregation of Cat.12. The downlink speed can reach 600 Mbps. It can bring fluent multi-task processing capability and balance of energy consumption and power consumption.

Moreover, Samsung Exynos 7904 supports 32-megapixel single camera and three-camera designs, which also enables manufacturers to have greater control over hardware combinations. In terms of hardware combinations, products can be better designed through different combinations, whether post-camera capability or pre-camera capability, which will be further improved compared with the previous generation.

This is undoubtedly in direct conflict with the layout of India's joint development branch, which has been competing with Qualcomm and Exhibition News for many years. In addition to the fierce competition in the Indian market, it now has one more competitor.

In fact, MediaTek has already entered the Indian market, but because the market at that time was mainly based on ultra-low-end functional mobile phones, smart phone shipments were limited and low-end mainly, which made domestic chip companies with cost advantages to gain a leading edge. In 2015, with the development of the Indian smart phone market into a new stage, MediaTek also increased its access to the market. Strength.

In 2017, after suffering setbacks in the mainland market, MediaTek took the Indian market as an opportunity to turn itself over. It increased cooperation with local mobile phone companies. Indian mobile phone companies sent engineers to Taiwan for training to help Indian local mobile phone brands develop smartphones.

That is to say, in 2017, MediaTek achieved good results in the Indian market, and even achieved a situation of sharing the world equally with Qualcomm. By virtue of its outstanding achievements in the Indian market, Mediated Development Section was awarded at the 6th Sino-Indian Forum.“Examples of China and India”Title.

In June 2018, Mr. Gu Dawei, Chief Financial Officer, said that at present, the share of MIDK in the Indian chip market is about 1/3, with the goal of becoming the market leader. He also anticipates that MediaCorp's revenue growth rate in India will reach double digits in 2018.

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