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Wen Yan Employees Set Up Self-Rescue Society

Auth:能量云商 Date:2019/11/26 Source:Taiwan media Visit:249 Related Key Words: Wen 大联大 Hostile takeover

      As the public acquisition of wenye's shares continues to spread, the staff of wenye set up a rescue committee and held a press conference on the 22nd, declaring their firm opposition to the "hostile takeover" and calling on the relevant competent authorities to investigate the case concerning the harm to market competition, monopoly, insider trading and fraud.

      Field many employees holding "pluck fruit is not sweet", "guardian wintech technology", "please investigation by the competent authority of legitimacy" protest banners and save his life will be one of the representative, Taiwan market place assistant manager shih-hao huang pointed out that the big UN general assembly in a move that will seriously affect the livelihood of wintech employees more than 2400 families, big against hostile takeover petition the UN general assembly, is staff has more than 600 people, and continue to increase.

      Self-help will echo opinions of the independent director, said big merger with wintech once the UN general assembly, will cause the effect of 1 + 1 is less than 2, citing reports this week suggested that the two overlaps of up to 6-7 into plant customers, market complementarity is low, this will make the downstream customers draw sheet, and upstream factory also worry about Taiwan markets into a single channel, monopoly and bargaining space is limited, threatened at converting agent, the deal will allow wintech, the general assembly, such as suppliers, customers, shareholders and employees are reduced to a loser


  UNGA2001-2004Annual report display,in2010、2011After consecutive consolidation of other enterprises,The General Assembly's operating conditions are in full decline,Net profit dropped significantly6100 million Taiwan dollars,and 3Significant layoffs during the year984people,To protect Wenyu employees2400Multiple household livelihoods,Self-rescue will reiterate,Companies that never sacrifice employees' rights。

  At last,Self-help,Before the General Assembly's public acquisition announcement,Wenyu stock price fluctuates abnormally、Broker's branch transaction volume,Whether there is insider trading?The General Assembly borrows from banks in a short-term and long-term manner4Fraction3Funds for acquisition of shares,Is it good for its financial structure?Does it comply with banking laws??Is there any false concealment from this seller??If the UN General Assembly starts again at different prices buy 2 times,Whether it constitutes、this time should sell the person to cheat doubt? Appeal to authorities、The investigation unit immediately launched an investigation into the above issues。

  Responding to Several Questions of the Self-rescue Society,General Assembly reiterated,“This time30%Public stock purchase,Indeed financial investment,By no means hostile”,The UN General Assembly has no intention to change the personnel and business of Wenyu。For Wenyu Personnel Management,The General Assembly will respect the decision of the management team,Hope employees do n’t have any doubts。

  Besides,The UN General Assembly also said,Wen Yan has always been a respected industry member of the UN General Assembly,Financial business performance has always been good,This is the result of the joint efforts of Wenyu employees,Honoring the post of UNGA,No intention to influence changes。

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